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The Tragedy
Unfortunately, in the past 10 years the climatic changes have been causing early fierce snowstorms. These catch the nomads off guard when the yaks are free-grazing on the mountains to build up fat and strength for the long winter. Whole flocks have been wiped out with the bodies littering the hillsides after the snow thaws in Spring. Sadly this is becoming more and more frequent, almost an annual event. A way of life is being destroyed. Without sufficient yaks the Tibetan nomads are simply destitute. They can't feed their children or themselves. In a good year the Tibetan nomads of West Nangchen might earn $20 from the sale of caterpillar fungus (prized as medicine by the Chinese). Sadly the very climatic changes that are killing the yaks, sheep and goats are also killing the caterpillars so there is no alternative economy.

Tibetans love meat and it is an excellent supplement to their meager diets but few can afford to kill any animals. If they can, they rely on travelling Muslim butchers to do the killing as Tibetans do not kill living things.


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