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The Land

The land on the Tibetan High Plateau supports only minimal agriculture. Because of the altitude the growing season is very short. High altitude barley is grown and now some turnips. The mountains used to be covered with trees but are now mostly barren resulting in erosion, mud slides which further isolate the remote communities. It is very difficult to reforest due to the dryness and the erosion although there are small nurseries supported by Jinpa and the few other charities in these areas. As the villagers have only yak dung to burn in their fires there is a temptation to cut down anything that grows. Here as in all areas, education is the only answer. Township leaders have the responsibility of protecting the nurseries from sometimes desperate villagers. 1t is a very slow long term process. The Government wants to support these endeavors having realised the damage of the deforestation, but is strapped for funding.


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