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There are no middlemen so your donation goes directly to buying food, medicine, clothing and supporting the Jinpa projects.
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Jinpa, our aims

To relieve poverty
To preserve Tibetan Culture
To protect the environment

Jinpa is a small charity working in the remote area, West Nangchen, Qinghai Province of what was once Eastern Tibet. The area is just over the border from Riwoche in the Tibetan Autonomous Region. Jinpa was founded by a monk Tashi Tsering (co-ordinator) and friends to help to relieve some of the suffering in this area. It is just a drop in the bucket of a very big problem. The poverty, misery and suffering of Tibetan Nomadic people of West Nangchen is completely overwhelming.

As a small charity, Jinpa is almost totally dependent on donations from caring people in the West. The sole purpose of The Jinpa Trust, registered charity in Scotland, is to collect donations and send the money directly out to The Jinpa Project, which is a registered charity in Yushu Prefecture, Qinghai Province. There are no middlemen so any money collected goes directly to buying food, medicine, clothing and supporting the Jinpa building projects of the clinic, the orphanage and village schools, bridges, village water supplies and reforestation.


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